Weekly Cleaning Schedule – Natural


Tired of feeling like housework is getting the better of you?

It’s hard work trying to keep on top of all the tasks required to keep a home! Know what really helps?

Making a plan. Being strategic. Thinking smarter, not harder.

In this bundle, you can either use my weekly cleaning schedule built around zones or you can make your own!

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What you get

With your purchase

Get everything you need to start a simple, green cleaning routine! Although you can use this schedule with any cleaning products, this bundle is meant to help you start using very simple, natural cleaning supplies. You’ll save money and help the environment at the same time!

  • The Zero Waste Cleaning Cheatsheet makes going green so easy with my personal tips & recipes
  • Break a week of cleaning into daily tasks so you’ll keep a clean house all the time
  • Customize your cleaning schedule to fit your schedule and home