Vertical Customizable Christmas Tags


Make your very own personalized Christmas tags! This product makes labeling your homemade baked goods or thoughtful presents extremely quick and easy. Simply attach one of your customized name tags and go!



Instead of handwriting “to” and “from” on every label, simply plug in your name and print!

You’ll be able to customize this file using Canva, which is a very easy-to-use program. If you have absolutely any problems, just send me a message and I’ll customize it for you!

Not techy? Your file also includes 2 pages without the personalization so you can simply print and add your name separately. It’s the best of both worlds!

{Psst…If you’re not techy and still want your customized file, simply send me a message with the exact text you want to add and I’ll help you out. I’ve got you!}

What’s included

  • One page of traditional tag styles with 4 different designs (print & add your name after)
  • One page of modern tag styles with 4 different designs (print & add your name after)
  • One page with a link to the Canva template where you can add your own name, change the font & color, etc.

Printing Suggestions

I recommend printing in full color on cardstock. The modern rectangular tags are easier to cut out since they’re rectangles! Be sure to add a hole punch and tie your labels to your gift. Easy & beautiful!


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