Minimalist Weekly Meal Planning Bundle


Take the stress out of meal planning & cooking from scratch while also fighting food waste and saving money!

This bundle will help you set up a sustainable zero waste meal planning routine so you can do your part for the planet while eating well and shrinking your grocery budget.

You’ll even get the Canva template so you can tweak and refine these products to work perfectly for you!



What you get

With your purchase

Set up a simple, zero waste meal planning routine that really works! This bundle includes several tools to help you streamline grocery shopping & cooking from scratch.

  • Set up a Zero Waste Meal Planning routine to save money & fight food waste
  • Customize a Pantry Staples List to make grocery shopping a breeze
  • Track your Favorite Meals for a plug-and-play meal planning experience
  • Use the Grocery Price Checker to make sure you’re shopping at the right grocery store
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