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Think meal planning templates, recipe binders, cleaning schedules, and more to help you switch into a slower, more handmade type of life. From my home to yours!

printable recipe binder with bread recipes.
Revamp your dinner routine

Make over your meal plan…for good!

All the cute printables in the world mean nothing if you’re not using them! In this printable workbook, I’ll break down the confusing task of meal planning into easy-to-digest pieces. It’s loaded with bonuses and cute printables, too!

make over your meal plan

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  • Sale! christmas planner bundle

    Christmas Planner Bundle


    Everything you need for an organized, peaceful Christmas! Over 30 pages of templates including labels, recipe cards, budget templates, and more

  • printable recipe binder with vintage kitchen decor.

    Editable Vintage Kitchen Recipe Binder


    Preserve your family’s favorite recipes for posterity with this beautiful, editable recipe binder! It includes 15 pages of templates and is even editable, so you can personalize everything from the binder cover and labels to even filling out each individual recipe. It’s tastefully designed with warm, neutral colors and vintage kitchen art to make it feel right at home.

  • canning planner

    Home Canning Bundle – Natural


    Whether you’re a brand new canner or have been canning for years, this canning bundle will help you stay organized!

    This file includes:

    • Canning Supply Checklist
    • Canning Recipe Planner
    • Canning inventory to track your stockpile
    • Two pages of canning labels that can be printed on regular paper or Avery sticker sheets (22807 and 22830)
    • Image files & a video tutorial to make these labels on any Avery-compatible sticker paper you have!

  • kitchen inventory checklists

    Kitchen Inventory Checklists – Natural


    Get everything you need to give your kitchen a refresh. Take stock of your food storage so you can eat what needs to get eaten. If you’ve ever unloaded groceries only to realize you already had something you bought…that will go away when you get your pantry organized!

    • Organize your pantry, fridge, freezer, and spices
    • Print as many pages as you want
    • Track what you have in a binder or folder

  • make over your meal plan

    Make Over Your Meal Plan


    Ditch the dinnertime stress once and for all!

    Say goodbye to…

    • The nightly “What’s for dinner?” interrogation
    • Having to make another decision
    • Trying to whip up something healthy when you’re already exhausted

    Imagine this:

    • Sticking to your grocery budget every month
    • Making grocery shopping and meal planning brainless
    • Eating healthy, home-cooked meals every single day (without pulling out your hair)
    • Throwing less food (and money) in the trash

    If this sounds good to you, you’re in the right place! This ebook was created to help gently guide you through the process of learning to meal plan so you can stop trying to fit your life in someone else’s plan. You’ll learn how to meal plan using simple recipes. Whether you’re a confident cook or a total beginner, this ebook is for you!

  • Sale! minimalist meal planning bundle

    Minimalist Weekly Meal Planning Bundle


    Take the stress out of meal planning & cooking from scratch while also fighting food waste and saving money!

    This bundle will help you set up a sustainable zero waste meal planning routine so you can do your part for the planet while eating well and shrinking your grocery budget.

    You’ll even get the Canva template so you can tweak and refine these products to work perfectly for you!

  • Sale! printable christmas gift tags

    Rustic Christmas Gift Tags


    Make labeling your Christmas presents easy with these simple, rustic Christmas tags!

  • Ultimate Kitchen Organization Bundle


    Get the best of the best. You’ll get my meal planning bundle, kitchen inventory bundle, and home canning bundle! You’ll be able to track the food you have, get organized, and stop wasting money at the grocery store.

  • Sale! customizable christmas gift tags

    Vertical Customizable Christmas Tags


    Make your very own personalized Christmas tags! This product makes labeling your homemade baked goods or thoughtful presents extremely quick and easy. Simply attach one of your customized name tags and go!

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule – Natural


    Tired of feeling like housework is getting the better of you?

    It’s hard work trying to keep on top of all the tasks required to keep a home! Know what really helps?

    Making a plan. Being strategic. Thinking smarter, not harder.

    In this bundle, you can either use my weekly cleaning schedule built around zones or you can make your own!

  • Sale!

    Weekly Meal Planning Bundle – Natural


    Tired of dinner feeling like a disaster? This bundle includes everything you need to set up a simple meal planning routine that works for you!